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Probate is the legal process that oversees the administration of a deceased person’s estate

This estate includes all their assets, like property, belongings, and money.  The main purposes of probate are to:

Validate the will (if there is one): The court confirms the will is genuine and reflects the deceased’s final wishes.

Identify and appoint an executor (if named in the will): This person is responsible for managing the estate according to the will’s instructions.

Pay off any debts and taxes: Outstanding debts and taxes are settled before distributing remaining assets to beneficiaries.

Distribute assets to beneficiaries: The rightful inheritors receive their designated share of the estate, as outlined in the will or by law (if no will exists).

Here’s How We Can Help with Your Probate House Clearance

We understand how difficult it can be to clear a loved one’s home. That’s why our compassionate and professional team is here to support you throughout the probate house clearance process.

We Work with You and Your Solicitor

Our services are available directly to families or through probate solicitors.  We collaborate closely to ensure a smooth and respectful clearance that meets all your needs and legal requirements.

Sustainable and Thorough Clearances

When you can’t keep certain belongings, we prioritize responsible recycling. This ensures each item finds a new purpose and avoids unnecessary waste.

Our Services Go Beyond the House

We offer comprehensive clearances, including:

Removing garden rubbish

Removing carpets

Dismantling mobility aids (like stairlifts)

Support You Can Count On

Our friendly and affordable service provides both practical and emotional support during this challenging time.  Let us help you navigate this process with peace of mind.

What is Probate? April 2024